Camper turned GLAMPER

What a fun journey ... honestly with a few moments of angst. I had the pleasure of transforming a hunting camper from Idaho into a fun, charming GLAMPER this fall. Wow! This was so very rewarding. After a hairy, windy drive from Missoula in my '66 Ford Pickup for a craiglist rendezvous to purchase a camo-ed out hunting camper - a 1969 Roadrunner, I hooked up and pulled my treasure home. I was a little flabbergasted that pulling a 69 with a 66 on the highway often equates into a high# of 45mph going up a hill. Worried that I was creating a hazard, and driving with my flashing lights on (was this flashing on the camper too???) , I was quite relieved to see everyone who passed my traveling time-warp waved and smiled as they went by.

Arriving at home, my husband scratched his head and went back to what he was doing. Clearly he didn't have the vision I had in my head... a glamorous camper full of charm like the photos I'd seen on Pinterest and Vintage Camper websites.

First order of business: remove all the camo cushion covers. THERE - I felt better already. Now to get down to the dirty business....

Tear out linoleum floor. Check!

Remove all hardware. Check!

Reseal roof with RV Roof Sealant. Check!

Remove all philips head screws and replace with drill screws to match originals. Check!

CLEAN - Check!

Tape off and paint exterior. Check!

.... ok this list is getting a little tedious..... You get the idea, right?

Fun task list:

Paint cabinetry fun fresh red. LOVE

Install new floating flooring - dark wood look. LOVE

Recover cushions in fun print from Joann Fabrics. LOVE

Purchase and install new cherry red RETRO FRIDGE. LOVE

Decorate. LOVE

Paint flower on the back. LOVE

One month later, I proudly re-hooked the newly appointed PETUNIA and proudly showed her off at our Autumn LITTLE RED TRUCK VINTAGE MARKET in Kalispell, MT



I've already purchased my next Glamper Project... 1950's Allied Trailer with Turquise Sink and Stove. I'm in love again.... now to get those work gloves on. SHE"LL be revealed at our EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS MARKET 12/8 and 12/9 at the historic Missoula County Fairgrounds.


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December 3rd & 4th 2021
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