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Who may apply??
We are a juried market made up of Vintage, Antique and Upscale Artisan goods, food goods and clothing. We do not accept direct sales.
All artisan and food goods must be
made by the vendor personally.
Clothing will be the only exception.

IMPORTANT: If you haven't participated in our market before, you MUST email three booth/product photos to (OR put your website/social media link in the comments above) for our jury process. Thank you! ~ Janie
Please note we are made up of the following mix of vendors: 45% Vintage, 35% Handmade Artisans and 20% specialty booths such as food and clothing
. No more than 1-2 of each of some specialty categories will be accepted at each market: Examples would be:

Candles, soap, and non-vintage clothing.
Thank you for understanding! 

 A NOTE to our Vendors

... Hi, I'm Janie, the promoter of

Little Red Truck Vintage Markets!


 As a seasoned vendor myself,

I've learned each market is unique,

with their own mix of vendors, a favored venue, music and customers... I listened to what customers enjoyed and what fellow vendors needed and wanted. This, along a career background  and education in Marketing , and co-owning a Vintage/Custom painting boutique in Missoula for 8 years, put me in a unique position to promote my own brand of market... and Little Red Truck was born!


I'm a big believer in having fun, targeted and ample advertising and  to work with the finest, friendliest and most talented vendor s in the business. I feel it's only fair that 100% of your vendor fees go to putting on the market... to advertising  such as print, billboard, radio, signage, posters, postcards, magazine, newspaper, live music, "extras" (like Santa and facepainting) and the necessary facility costs such as rent, insurance and security.  Its my job to help you be a success and nothing makes my heart happier than seeing smiling customers carrying out armloads of treasures from your beautifully merchandised and carefully curated booths. <3

What's our Flavor you ask? At  Little Red Truck Vintage Markets you can expect a homespun, community atmosphere with fresh, fun local food, live music and fabulous regional vintage and handmade vendors. We generally have about 65 (juried in) vendors,  All styles are welcome! Industrial, retro, traditional, farm fresh, European, MAN-tiques and the like... after all, variety is the spice of life and we love to have something for everyone!

 I hope you'll join me in this adventure!!!

Please apply at left ;)

Thanks for checking us out  ~ Janie Scheben

Culinary Barn

Commercial Building

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