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What is it about the early automotive years, that captures my heart so? It's no accident I chose to name my Market "Little Red Truck". My paternal grandfather drove a little red truck in the 60's that looked very much like the '66 I drive today. Every time I grip that narrow, time-worn red steering wheel, I think of my Grandpa and my early day's in Missouri... simple, hopeful, colorful times spent on Sunday drives, watching old tractors do their day's work and making little rough cars out of rusty nails, old tires, boxes and steering wheels found in my maternal grandpa's farm and outbuildings. These little soap box cars would be raced against my cousins down the hill by the pond... and resulted in a necessary tetanus shot one summer.

I remember going to the farm auctions with rusty old tractor parts and farm equipment and hearing the pleasant rhythm of the auctioneers bantering, the camaraderie and shouts of joy and jest of the farmers in their uniform of white t-shirts and overalls. When I attend auctions now for my antiques business... it takes me back, just like that steering wheel in my hands.

The site of a crusty old oil can, a Texaco sign, a red Mobilgas flying horse sign on the side of an old barn, all take me back to a time and place that puts a smile on my face and happiness in my heart... here's to a great new year of searching for these wonderful old signs and parts and to curating the relics of this happy time in the past!

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